ETCSLglossingSignSign name: TE
Values: gal5, te, teg̃3, temen, ten

Dumuzid and Ĝeštin-ana (c., line c1411.23
Utu (DN)friendIyoung manyou (sg.)to know
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The lad raises his hands heavenward to Utu: "O Utu, I am your friend, I am a youth. Do you recognise me? Your sister, whom I married, descended to the underworld. Because she descended to the underworld, it was me that she was to hand over to the underworld as a substitute. O Utu, you are a just judge, don't disappoint me! Change my hands, alter my appearance, so that I may escape the clutches of my demons! Don't let them seize me! Like a saĝkal snake that slithers across the meadows and mountains, let me escape alive to the dwelling of my sister Ĝeštin-ana."
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