ETCSLglossingSignSignSignSign name: U2.NAGA.GA
Values: uga

Dumuzid and Ĝeštin-ana (c., line c1411.6
placeEreškigala (DN)to go(mountain) landto go down or up
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A small demon opened his mouth and said to the big demon," Come on, let's go to the lap of holy Inana." The demons entered Unug and seized holy Inana." Come on, Inana, go on that journey which is yours alone -- descend to the underworld. Go to the place which you have coveted -- descend to the nether world. Go to the dwelling of Ereškigala -- descend to the underworld. Don't put on your holy ba garment, the pala dress of ladyship -- descend to the underworld. Remove the holy headdress, that splendid ornament, from your head -- descend to the underworld. Don't enhance your appearance with a wig -- descend to the underworld. Don't adorn your feet with …… -- descend to the underworld. When you descend, ……."
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