ETCSLglossingSignSign name: LU2×NE
Values: du14

Dumuzid's dream (c.1.4.3), line c143.64
churnto sitmilkto pourheavento sitDumuzid (DN)to livesheepfoldghostto erect
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Paragraph t143.p7 (line(s) 56-69) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
"Your holy drinking cup torn down from the peg where it hung is you falling off the lap of the mother who bore you. That your shepherd's stick disappeared from you means the demons { will set fire to it } { (1 ms. has instead:) will smash it }. The owl (?) taking a lamb from the sheep house { is the evil man who will hit you on the cheek } { (1 ms. has instead:) is the evil man who will destroy the sheep house }. The falcon catching a sparrow on the reed fence is the big demon coming { down } { (1 ms. has instead:) out } from the sheep house. That the churns were lying on their sides, no milk was being poured, the drinking cups were lying on their sides, that Dumuzid was dead, and the sheepfold haunted, means your hands will be bound in handcuffs, your arms will be bound in fetters. That your male goats were dragging their dark beards in the dust for you means that my hair will whirl around in the air like a hurricane for you. That your rams were scratching the earth with their thick legs for you means that I shall lacerate my cheeks with my fingernails for you as if with a boxwood needle."
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