ETCSLglossingSignSign name: TA×ḪI (LAL3)
Values: alamuš, lal3

Ninurta's return to Nibru: a šir-gida to Ninurta (c.1.6.1), line c161.165
herodestinyto cutEnki (DN)essenceto be reddishto be suitable
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Paragraph t161.p33 (line(s) 164-167) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
"I am the ……, the life-source of Inana. I am the warrior, destined with Enki to be suited for the fearsome divine powers. Let my kingship be manifest unto the ends of heaven and earth. I am most able among the gods -- let me be imbued with great awesomeness."
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