ETCSLglossingSignSign name: IGI
Values: ge8, gi8, igi, lib4, lim, ši

Ninurta's return to Nibru: a šir-gida to Ninurta (c.1.6.1), line c161.40
Seven-headed Snake (DN)XX(mountain) landto go out or in
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Paragraph t161.p8 (line(s) 30-40) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
The sovereign, with his heroic arms, Ninurta, the son of Enlil, in his great might, brought forth the Six-headed wild ram from the shining, lofty house. He brought forth the Warrior dragon from the great fortress of the mountains. He brought forth the Magilum boat from …… his abzu. He brought forth the Bison from his battle dust. He brought forth the Mermaid from the limits of heaven and earth. He brought forth the Gypsum from the soil of the mountain range. He brought forth the Strong copper from the shattered mountain range. He brought forth the Anzud bird from the ḫalub-ḫaran tree. He brought forth the Seven-headed serpent from the …… of the mountains.
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