ETCSLglossingSignSign name: MAgunu (ḪAŠḪUR)
Values: ḫašḫur

Ninurta's exploits: a šir-sud (?) to Ninurta (c.1.6.2), line c162.186
(mountain) landto be bigEnlil (DN)Ninlil (DN)voiceto pour
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Paragraph t162.p12 (line(s) 168-186) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
The Asag leapt up at the head of the battle. For a club it uprooted the sky, took it in its hand; like a snake it slid its head along the ground. It was a mad dog attacking to kill the helpless, dripping with sweat on its flanks. Like a wall collapsing, the Asag fell on Ninurta, the son of Enlil. Like an accursed storm, it howled in a raucous voice; like a gigantic snake, it roared at the Land. It dried up the waters of the mountains, dragged away the tamarisks, tore the flesh of the Earth and covered her with painful wounds. It set fire to the reedbeds, bathed the sky in blood, turned it inside out; it dispersed the people there. At that moment, on that day, the fields became black scum, across the whole extent of the horizon, reddish like purple dye -- truly it was so! An was overwhelmed, crouched, wrung his hands against his stomach; Enlil groaned and hid himself in a corner, the Anuna flattened themselves against walls, the house was full of fearful sighing as of pigeons. The Great Mountain Enlil cried to Ninlil:
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