ETCSLglossingSignSign name: ŠINIG
Values: šinig

Ninurta's exploits: a šir-sud (?) to Ninurta (c.1.6.2), line c162.477
E-ninnu (TN)house(hold)joyto be full
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Paragraph t162.p41 (line(s) 466-478) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
"Esi (diorite), your army in battle changed sides separately (?). You spread before me like thick smoke. You did not raise your hand. You did not attack me. Since you said," It is false. The lord is alone the hero. Who can vie with Ninurta, the son of Enlil?" -- they shall extract you from the highland countries. They shall bring (?) you from the land of Magan. You shall shape (?) Strong Copper like leather and then you shall be perfectly adapted for my heroic arm, for me, the lord. When a king who is establishing his renown for perpetuity has had its statues sculpted for all time, you shall be placed in the place of libations -- and it shall suit you well -- in my temple E-ninnu, the house full of grace."
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