ETCSLglossingSignSign name: ŠE
Values: niga, še

The marriage of Martu (c.1.7.1), line c171.141
Martu (DN)to have
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Paragraph t171.p15 (line(s) 126-141) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
The days have multiplied, no decision has yet been made. (Adĝar-kidug's girlfriend speaks to her:) "Now listen, their hands are destructive and their features are those of monkeys; he is one who eats what Nanna forbids and does not show reverence. They never stop roaming about ……, they are an abomination to the gods' dwellings. Their ideas are confused; they cause only disturbance. He is clothed in sack-leather ……, lives in a tent, exposed to wind and rain, and cannot properly recite prayers. He lives in the mountains and ignores the places of gods, digs up truffles in the foothills, does not know how to bend the knee, and eats raw flesh. He has no house during his life, and when he dies he will not be carried to a burial-place. My girlfriend, why would you marry Martu?"Adĝar-kidug replies to her girlfriend: "I will marry Martu!"
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