ETCSLglossingSignSign name: MES
Values: kišib, meš3

Gilgameš and Aga (c., line c1811.18
2ndGilgameš (DN)lordKulaba (SN)eyeyoung mantown
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Gilgameš, the lord of Kulaba, placing his trust in Inana, did not take seriously the advice of his city's elders. Gilgameš { (1 ms. adds:), the lord of Kulaba, } presented the issue again, this time before the able-bodied men of his city, carefully choosing his words: "There are wells to be finished, many wells of the Land yet to be finished; there are shallow wells of the Land yet to be finished, there are wells to deepen and hoisting gear to be completed. { Never before have you submitted to the house of Kiš. Should you not smite it with weapons? } { (1 ms. has instead:) We should not submit to the house of Kiš. We should smite it with weapons! }"
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