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Values: ma2

Gilgameš and the bull of heaven (c., line c1812.1.B.63
bullheavenfear(someness)nameKulaba (SN)to fill
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In masculine fashion, the maiden Inana grasped it by the lapis-lazuli tether. Holy Inana brought the Bull of Heaven { out } { (1 ms. has instead:) down }. At Unug, the Bull devoured the pasture, and drank the water of the river in great slurps. With each slurp it used up one mile of the river, but its thirst was not satisfied. It devoured the pasture and stripped the land bare. It broke up the palm trees of Unug, as it bent them to fit them into its mouth. When it was standing, the Bull submerged Unug. { The aura } { (1 ms. has instead:) the name } of the Bull of Heaven submerged Kulaba.
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