ETCSLglossingSignSign name: ŠIM×IGIgunu (ŠIM×SIG7)
Values: šembi

Gilgameš and Ḫuwawa (Version A) (c., line c1815.138
(mountain) landto sitto know(mountain) landto sitto know
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Paragraph t1815.p26 (line(s) 136-139) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
Gilgameš rested his hand on the ground, and addressed Ḫuwawa: "By the life of my own mother Ninsumun and of my father, holy Lugalbanda! No one really knows where in the mountains you live; they would like to know where in the mountains you live. Here, I have brought you En-me-barage-si, my big sister, to be your wife in the mountains."
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