ETCSLglossingSignSign name: ḪU
Values: ḫu, mušen, pag, u11

Gilgameš and Ḫuwawa (Version A) (c., line c1815.148B
life (breath)motherto give birthNinsumun (DN)fathershiningLugalbanda (DN)
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Paragraph t1815.p29 (line(s) 148A-148K) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
{ (Several mss. preserve a more elaborate, but repetitive, narrative built on the pattern of lines 145-148. Some preserve the repetitions in an extremely abbreviated form. No ms. known to be from Nibru preserves the additional lines. One ms. of unknown origin adds at least 53 lines (and another fragmentary ms. of unknown origin gives an abbreviated version of these, always replacing 'terror' by 'aura'):) And again he addressed him: "By the life of my mother Ninsumun and of my father, holy Lugalbanda! No one really knows where in the mountains you live; they would like to know where in the mountains you live. Here, I have brought to the mountains for you ……. Couldn't I get close to you and your family? Just hand over your terrors to me! I want to become your kinsman!" Then Ḫuwawa handed over to him his second terror. Gilgameš's fellow-citizens who had come with him began to lop off the branches and bundle them together, so as to lay them down at the foot of the hills. }
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