ETCSLglossingSignSignSignSignSign name: UD×U+U+U.AN.ŠEŠ.KI (ITI.AN.ŠEŠ.KI)
Values: iti7

Lugalbanda in the mountain cave (c., line c1821.A.133
cowshiningNanna (DN)to scatterto say
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Paragraph t1821.p10 (line(s) 133-140) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
Like the dispersed holy cows of Nanna, as with a breeding bull when, in his old age, they have left him behind in the cattle pen, his brothers and friends abandoned holy Lugalbanda in the mountain cave; and with repeated tears and moaning, with tears, with lamentation, with grief and weeping, Lugalbanda's older brothers set off into the mountains.
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