ETCSLglossingSignSignSignSign name: IM.A.A
Values: šeg̃x

Lugalbanda in the mountain cave (c., line c1821.A.62
heroSumer (GN)to liveexuberanceprince
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At that time there were seven, there were seven -- the young ones, born in Kulaba, were seven. The goddess Uraš had borne these seven, the Wild Cow had nourished them with milk. They were heroes, living in Sumer, they were princely in their prime. They had been brought up eating at the god An's table. These seven were the overseers for those that are subordinate to overseers, were the captains for those that are subordinate to captains were the generals for those that are subordinate to generals. They were overseers of 300 men, 300 men each; they were captains of 600 men, 600 men each; they were generals of seven šar (25,200) of soldiers, 25,200 soldiers each. They stood at the service of the lord as his élite troops.
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