ETCSLglossingSignSignSign name: PAP.NA2 (GAM3 and PAB.NA2)
Values: gam3, zub, zubi

Lugalbanda and the Anzud bird (c., line c1822.217
Inestto beyou (sg.)group of peopleto be
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Paragraph t1822.p13 (line(s) 203-219) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
He took in his hand such of his provisions as he had not eaten, and his weapons one by one. Anzud flew on high, Lugalbanda walked on the ground. The bird, looking from above, spies the troops. Lugalbanda, looking from below, spies the dust that the troops have stirred up. The bird says to Lugalbanda," Come now, my Lugalbanda. I shall give you some advice: may my advice be heeded. I shall say words to you: bear them in mind. What I have told you, the fate I have fixed for you, do not tell it to your comrades, do not explain it to your brothers. Fair fortune may conceal foul: it is indeed so. Leave me to my nest: you keep to your troops." The bird hurried to his nest. Lugalbanda set out for the place where his brothers were.
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