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Values: erim2

Enmerkar and the lord of Aratta (c., line c1823.598
moreoverto be abundantAratta (SN)cowcalf
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Paragraph t1823.p46 (line(s) 588-610) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
When the old woman came to the mountain of the shining me, she went up to him like a maiden who in her day is perfect, painted her eyes with kohl, wrapped herself in a white garment, came forth with the good crown like the moonlight. She arranged the …… on her head. She made Enmerkar, her spouse, occupy the throne-dais with her. She raised up ……, and indeed, for Aratta, the ewes and their lambs now multiply; indeed, for Aratta, the mother goats and their kids multiply; indeed, for Aratta, the cows and their calves multiply; indeed, for Aratta, the donkey mares and their black, swift-footed foals multiply. In Aratta, they say together: "Let them heap up and pile up for the grain piles; the abundance is truly your abundance." After having made …… for the lord of Aratta, let him ……. He will ……. He came forth ……, he set right for her. (3 lines missing)
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