ETCSLglossingSignSign name: URI3
Values: urin, uru3

Enmerkar and En-suḫgir-ana (c., line c1824.A.45
young donkeysingleto goŠakkan (DN)mountain (range)to roam aroundto split apart
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The messenger runs like a wild ram and flies like a falcon. He leaves in the morning and returns already at dusk, like small birds at dawn, he …… over the open country, like small birds at midnight, he hides himself in the interior of the mountains. Like a throw-stick, he stands at the side. Like a solitary donkey of Šakkan, he { runs over } { (1 ms. has instead:) cuts through } the mountains, he dashes like a large, powerful donkey. A slim donkey, eager to run, he rushes forth. A lion in the field at dawn, he lets out roars; like a wolf which has seized a lamb, he runs quickly. The small places he has reached, he fills with …… for him; the large places he has reached, he …… boundary (?).
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