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Values: sed5

The rulers of Lagaš (c.2.1.2), line c212.123
Ur-Bau (RN)childEn-Enlile-ki-aĝ (RN)
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Paragraph t212.p6 (line(s) 103-124) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
En-akigalaguba: his personal god was ……, he dug the canal Niĝin-ĝiš-tukuam, he acted for 1200 years. In those days there was no writing, ……, canals were not dug, earth baskets were not carried. In those days, ……, the people …… offerings of refined gold (2 lines uncertain)a good shepherd rose over the Land; he gave them (?) …… as a gift. En-Ninĝirsu-ki-aĝ, the son of En-akigalaguba: he acted for 1320 years. En-Enlile-ki-aĝ, the son of En-Ninĝirsu-ki-aĝ: he acted for 1800 years. Ur-Bau the son of En-Enlile-ki-aĝ: he acted for 900 years.
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