ETCSLglossingSignSign name: KU4
Values: ku4, kur9

The building of Ninĝirsu's temple (Gudea, cylinders A and B) (c.2.1.7), line c217.526
group of peopleshiningUtu (DN)headto turn over
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Paragraph t217.p65 (line(s) 523-542) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
He raised the brick out of the …… of the mould, and it looked as a holy crown worn by An. He lifted up the brick and went around among his people: it was like Utu's holy team tossing (?) their heads. The brick lifting its head toward the house was as if Nanna's cows were eager to be tethered in their pen. He put down the brick, entered the house and as if he himself were Nisaba knowing the inmost secrets (?) of numbers, he started setting down (?) the ground plan of the house. As if he were a young man building a house for the first time, sweet sleep never came into his eyes. Like a cow keeping an eye on its calf, he went in constant worry to the house. Like a man who takes but little food into his mouth, he went around untiringly. The intention of his master had become clear for him, the words of Ninĝirsu had become as conspicuous as a banner to Gudea. In (?) his heart beating loudly because of building the house, someone …… a propitious ominous remark. This made him extremely happy.
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