ETCSLglossingSignSign name: NUN/NUN (NIR)
Values: nir, ri5, šer7, tirx

The lament for Sumer and Urim (c.2.2.3), line c223.G.438
Dubla-maḫ (TN)placedestinyto cuteloquenceto be (located)
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Paragraph t223.p53 (line(s) 435-448) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
The food offerings …… of his royal dining place were altered. In its sacred place (?) the tigi, šem and ala instruments did not sound. Its mighty tigi …… did not perform its sacred song. There was no eloquence in the Dubla-maḫ, the place where oaths used to be taken. The throne was not set up at its place of judgment, justice was not administered. Alamuš threw down his sceptre, his hands trembling. In the sacred bedchamber of Nanna musicians no longer played the balaĝ drum. The sacred box that no one had set eyes upon was seen by the enemy. The divine bed was not set up, it was not spread with clean hay. The statues that were in the shrine were cut down. The cook, the dream interpreter, and the seal keeper did not perform the ceremonies properly. They stood by submissively and were carried off by the foreigners. The priests of the holy uzga shrine and the sacred lustrations, the linen-clad priests, forsook the divine plans and sacred divine powers, they went off to a foreign city.
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