ETCSLglossingSignSign name: LU2×BAD
Values: ad6

The lament for Nibru (c.2.2.4), line c224.M.203
nin-lil2ĝa2-ĝiš-šu2-anam (ES: na-aĝ2)tar
Ninlil (DN)Ĝa-ĝiš-šua (TN)destinyto cut
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Paragraph t224.p40 (line(s) 201-210) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
Enlil himself has commanded Išme-Dagan that the E-kur should shine like the day! Steady sunlight shines into the Ki-ur; he has brought daylight in there again for you! Ninlil has decreed your fate in the Ĝaĝiššua! Enlil and Ninlil together founded daises in the E-kur! They dined there and enjoyed choice beer! They deliberated how to make the black-headed people secure in their dwellings! They have brought back to you the people who had been completely devastated! They have gathered back together the children whom they turned away from their mothers! The populace goes with you in their strongholds! Shrine Nibru, the Great Mountain Enlil has returned to you!
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