ETCSLglossingSignSignSign name: NE.RU
Values: erim2

The lament for Nibru (c.2.2.4), line c224.Q.251
day(light)Sumer (GN)Akkad (GN)to be widehe, sheto return
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Paragraph t224.p51 (line(s) 247-254) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
Now see! Enlil has fixed a good day in the land! He has even now ordered the day for Nibru to raise its neck to heaven! He himself has provided a good day for the E-kur to shine! He himself has raised up the day for the Ki-ur's magnificent manifestation! He himself has restored the day for Sumer and Akkad to expand! He himself has set aside the day for houses to be built and storerooms to be enclosed! He himself has brought out the day for seeds to sprout and living things to be born! He has brought out the day for building cattle pens and founding sheepfolds!
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