ETCSLglossingSignSign name: SAR
Values: kiri6, mu2, nisig, saḫar2, sakar, sar, sigx, šar

The death of Ur-Namma (Ur-Namma A) (c., line c2411.2.B.1
Ur-Namma (RN)place...
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Paragraph t2411.p28 (line(s) 1-13) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
Ur-Namma ……. His hands which used to grasp, cannot ……. His feet which used to tread, ……. (1 line unclear)The trustworthy shepherd, the king, the …… of Sumer, Ur-Namma, ……. As he himself was going to Urim, Ur-Namma …… house. The proud one lying in the palace, Ur-Namma, who …… by the troops (?), ……. He could not rise any more, the wise one of the countries lay down; silence ……. As he, who was the vigour of the Land, has fallen, the land became demolished like a mountain. As he, a cypress forest, was felled, the state of the Land became confused. As he, the cedar tree of the Land, was uprooted, the state of the Land became altered. Axes (?) were set against him, a boxwood tree, in his joyous dwelling place. His appointed time arrived, and he passed away in his prime.
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