ETCSLglossingSignSignSign name: SAL.KU (MUNUS.KU)
Values: nin9

A tigi to Enlil for Ur-Namma (Ur-Namma B) (c., line c2412.A.12
shepherdrightUr-Namma (RN)...Nunamnir (DN)day(light)to be distantauthoritative
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The divine plans of brick-built E-kur were drawn up. The Great Mountain Enlil made up his mind, filled with pure and useful thoughts, to make them shine like the sun in the E-kur, his august shrine. He instructed the shepherd Ur-Namma to make the E-kur rise high; the king made him the mightiest in the Land, he made him the first among the people. The good shepherd Ur-Namma, …… whose trust in Nunamnir is enduring, the knowledgeable judge, the lord of great wisdom, prepared the brick mould. Enlil brought order in his rebellious and hostile lands for the shepherd Ur-Namma, and made Sumer flourish in joy, in days filled with prosperity. The foundations were laid down firmly and the holy foundation pegs were driven in. The enkum and ninkum priests praised it duly and Enki made the temple rejoice with his artful incantations.
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