ETCSLglossingSignSign name: KI
Values: ge5, gi5, ke, ki, qi2

A praise poem of Šulgi (Šulgi A) (c., line c24201.77
type of cult performereyeto spreadunclear (DN)to be abundant...part of templeEnlil (DN)Ninlil (DN)handto raise
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I, the king, however, did not fear, nor was I terrified. I rushed forth like a fierce lion. I galloped like an ass in the desert. With my heart full of joy, I ran (?) onward. Trotting like a solitary wild ass, I traversed a distance of fifteen double-hours by the time Utu was to set his face toward his house; { my saĝ-ursaĝ priests looked at me with admiration. } { (1 ms. has instead:) …… numerous (?) ……; I prayed in the …… of Enlil and Ninlil. } I celebrated the ešeš festival in both Nibru and Urim on the same day!
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