ETCSLglossingSignSignSignSignSign name: BARA2.PAP.ŠE.PAP (BARA2.MUNU4)
Values: titab

A praise poem of Šulgi (Šulgi B) (c., line c24202.193
eyeUtu (DN)childNingal (DN)to hang
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Before Utu son of Ningal, I, Šulgi, declare that in my long life in which I have achieved great things since the day that my kingly destiny was determined, in my life in which everything was richly provided in contentment, I have never lacked anything. Until the distant future may this song bless the name of me, the king, with a life of long days. As I am musical, as I am eloquent, I am a heavenly star of steadfastness. It is an awe-inspiring brow that establishes palaces, just as a peg and a measuring cord are the builders of cities. With the awesomeness that radiates from my forehead, which I make the foreign lands wear like a nose-rope, and the fear-inspiring lustre, my personal weapon, which I impose on the Land like a neck-stock, I am able to root out and undo crime. I have the ability to reconcile great matters with one word.
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