ETCSLglossingSignSignSign name: PAP.NA2 (GAM3 and PAB.NA2)
Values: gam3, zub, zubi

A praise poem of Šulgi (Šulgi D) (c., line c24204.335
thingSumer (GN)to destroy(mountain) landto destroy
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Paragraph t24204.p27 (line(s) 334-343) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
The hero avenged his city. Whatever was destroyed in Sumer, he destroyed in the foreign lands. He made the gods of their cities turn away (?) from them; he caused their male and female protective deities, their good eyes, to stand aside. He let long grass grow in their cultivated fields of shining barley. With the axe he destroyed their thick and tall trees, and he tore down by the crown their valuable trees. He uprooted their small trees. In their irrigated gardens, where honey and fig trees used to grow, he made weeds grow, so that …… plants and …… herbs broke through the soil.
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