ETCSLglossingSignSignSignSign name: IGI.TUR.TUR
Values: ligima

An adab to Enlil for Šulgi (Šulgi G) (c., line c24207.A.15
destinyE-kur (TN)to be greento placeAšimbabbar (DN)
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To that end, Ašimbabbar appeared shining in the E-kur, pleaded to his father Enlil and made him bring a childbearing mother (?); in the E-duga, Nanna, the princely son, asked for the thing to happen. The en priestess gave birth to the trustworthy man from his semen placed in the womb. Enlil, the powerful shepherd, caused a young man to emerge: a royal child, one who is perfectly fitted for the throne-dais, Šulgi the king.
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