ETCSLglossingSignSign name: NAGA
Values: ereš2, nag̃a, nisaba2

Šulgi and Ninlil's barge: a tigi (?) to Ninlil (Šulgi R) (c., line c24218.B.48
processional boatto be majesticXXDUTigris (WN)(fitting) ornament
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Paragraph t24218.p7 (line(s) 48-63) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
The lofty barge ……, the ornament of the Tigris, enters the rolling river; …… on the shining water. The ritually washed five-headed mace, mitum mace, lance and standard …… at the bow. Enlil's warrior, Ninurta, goes at their front, directing the …… of your wide ferry-boat (?) straight. He …… the holy punting pole of the barge, the holy raft. The ferrymen (?) …… holy songs; they (?) …… the great exaltedness of the lady. The good woman, Ninlil, …… joyfully with (?) Šulgi. Sumer and Urim …… joy and happiness. The barge bobs at the quay Mete-aĝi (Ornament of the waves); it sails off into the reedbeds of Enlil's Tummal. Like a goring (?) ox, it raises, then lowers its head. It strikes its breast against the rising waves; it stirs up (?) the encircling waters. When it thrusts within the waters, the fish of the subterranean waters become frightened; as it glides (?) upon them, it makes the waters sparkle (?) luxuriantly.
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