ETCSLglossingSignSign name: GUL
Values: gul, isimu2, kul2, si23, sumun2

An adab to Suen for Ibbi-Suen (Ibbi-Suen C) (c., line c2453.B.47
Tigris (WN)Euphrates (WN)high waterto be wideX
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Paragraph t2453.p4 (line(s) 42-61) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
An …… favourable day …… holy ……. He has a righteous crown, long-lasting divine powers and a royal sceptre. Enlil has decreed lordship for his beloved one, as his destiny, and has created with magnificent grandeur the qualities of a warrior. Enki, renewing abundance and days of splendour, …… the Tigris and Euphrates in their wide flooding. Nintur, who causes human seed to propagate and brings living beings into existence, …… cities and crowded places, all the numerous people together. Nanna, the …… light, confirming the divine plans, new moon of eternal fame, light which goes towards the earth, has given authority (?) to my Ibbi-Suen, foremost among princes, over the south and the uplands as far as the outer limits of heaven and earth. Utu has produced justice and propriety for Ibbi-Suen the augustly powerful, strong among warriors, unsurpassed in his youthfulness, overthrowing the enemy lands, finding the right decisions and giving advice to the people. The good lady Ninirigal, mother of Kulaba, …… prayer and supplication ……, …… lady with an august name ……. …… long life.
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