ETCSLglossingSignSign name: ŠIR
Values: aš7, šir

An ululumama to Suen for Ibbi-Suen (Ibbi-Suen D) (c., line c2454.A.12
shrineNibru (SN)heart(mountain) landplentydwelling placeKi-ur (TN)
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At the foundations of heaven and earth, Father Nanna appears in the night time over Urim, the city that is the cosmic bond for Sumer, whose divine powers can never be altered. He has called the name, he has filled the heart with joy, my Ibbi-Suen! At the shrine Nibru, whose interior is a mountain of abundance, the dwelling-place of the Ki-ur, he spreads his majestic light from above over the land in princely style, in the august courtyard, the unceasing …… of its majestic light determining great destinies. Suen offers a prayer in the Ubšu-unkena to the father who begot him, the great …… of heaven and earth, Lord Nunamnir:
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