ETCSLglossingSignSign name: MES
Values: kišib, meš3

A šir-namursaĝa to Ninsiana for Iddin-Dagan (Iddin-Dagan A) (c., line c2531.H.95
animalsto be abundantŠakkan (DN)living creatureopen country
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When at evening, the radiant star, the Venus star, the great light which fills the holy heavens, the lady of the evening, ascends above like a warrior, the people in all the lands lift their gaze to her. The men purify themselves, the woman cleanse themselves. The oxen toss (?) their heads in their yoke. The sheep stir up dust in their pens. Because of my lady, the numerous beasts of Šakkan, the creatures of the plain, the four-legged animals { under the broad heavens } { (1 ms. has instead:) of the broad high (?) plain }, the orchards and gardens, the plots, the green reedbeds, the fish of the deep, the birds of heaven, all hasten to their sleeping places. All the living creatures and the numerous people bend the knee before her. When called for (?) by my lady, the matriarchs plentifully provide food and drink, and my lady refreshes herself in her Land. There is play in the Land, which is made festive. The young men take pleasure in their spouses.
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