ETCSLglossingSignSign name: A
Values: a, dur5, duru5

A praise poem of Išme-Dagan (Išme-Dagan A + V) (c., line c25401.A.209
Sumer (GN)Akkad (GN)X...
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Paragraph t25401.p13 (line(s) 200-223) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
I am a judge who gives no explanations; I am a decision-maker who goes straight to the point. The strong does not behave extravagantly towards others, the mighty does not abuse the weak any more. People are not made subject to the lordly. If he does not wish to enter my presence (?) in holy ……, the feeble person may speak contrary words ……. …… slave of my city. …… of Enlil. Sumer and Akkad …… (1 line unclear) Until the distant future (?) ……. I have …… the destructive men. I have destroyed (?) …… the dispossessed (?) who speak with enmity. I have exerted myself ……. I have …… rebellion and destructive criminals ……. I have supported the appeals of the bondsmen, waifs and widows who cry "Alas, Utu!" or "Alas, Nanna!". I have destroyed ……. I have brought about the extermination of the cut-throats who roam (?) the desert. I have kept the just on the proper track, following the wife and the little child.I have sent (?) people nobly into the fields, and established holy shrines (?) in the desert. I have built the city itself for a long future in the whole world.
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