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Values: isiš, iš, iši, kuš7, kukkuš, saḫar

A hymn to Inana for Išme-Dagan (Išme-Dagan K) (c., line c25411.28
Enlil (DN)Ninlil (DN)Inana (DN)handto place
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Inana was entrusted by Enlil and Ninlil with the capacity to gladden the heart of those who revere her in their established residences, but not to soothe the mood of those who do not revere her in their well-built houses; to turn a man into a woman and a woman into a man, to change one into the other, to make young women dress as men on their right side, to make young men dress as women on their left side, to put spindles into the hands of men ……, and to give weapons to the women; to see that women amuse themselves by using children's language, to see that children amuse themselves by using women's language, to …… skill, to ……. They built a palace, her house of ladyship, for the mistress of heaven, and invested it with fearsome radiance. They made it into the neck-stock of all the foreign countries, and imbued it with awe-inspiring, terrifying splendour.
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