ETCSLglossingSignSign name: DI
Values: de, di, sa2, silim

A hymn to Enki (?) for Išme-Dagan (Išme-Dagan X) (c., line c25424.20
essenceto be rareessencethingto be skilfulheadto bindessenceright
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Paragraph t25424.p3 (line(s) 17-23) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
You are the most supreme among the gods! You are the highest ranking among the Anuna gods! Your divine powers …… surpassing theirs, are specially favoured. With your precious and ingenious divine powers, you (?) are the guardian of their true divine powers. Your prominence imposes itself on them like awesome stillness, covers them like a storm, takes their breath away, wraps them like ……. The description (?) of your loftiness …… like a remote and far-away mountain.
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