ETCSLglossingSignSignSign name: AB2.KU
Values: unud

An adab to Ninurta for Lipit-Eštar (Lipit-Eštar D) (c., line c2554.F.40
justiceSumer (GN)Akkad (GN)to place
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Paragraph t2554.p11 (line(s) 28-41) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
(3 lines unclear) You have counted …… as ruin-mounds, to be mixed with dust. You have swept over ……, you obliterated it. Ninurta, hero of Enlil, as you are sitting on your throne-dais, may your spouse, the true lady Ninnibru, who embraces you, step before you daily with friendly words on behalf of Lipit-Eštar! Uta-ulu, may you be his aid when he prays! May he be able to rely on your words, may he be peerless! May he be the king whose fate Ninurta decides, the one endowed with attractiveness! Lipit-Eštar, the prince who is a supporter of yours, the son of Enlil, has established justice in Sumer and Akkad, and made the Land feel content.
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