ETCSLglossingSignSignSignSign name: NUN.ME.TAG
Values: gašam

A prayer to Nanna for Rīm-Sîn (Rīm-Sîn F) (c., line c2696.2
underground watershrineshiningto be majesticE-kiš-nu-ĝal (TN)
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Paragraph t2696.p1 (line(s) 1-12) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
Rīm-Sîn, king with princely divine powers, leader with all the divine powers, raising high your princely head! The abzu is the august holy shrine of the E-kiš-nu-ĝal, a great vastness in depth and breadth, the foundation of the innermost holy pure buildings, with a pleasant odour like a forest of aromatic cedars and ḫašḫur trees. It forms the foundations (?) of the temple, within the temple, a protection for the temple; the terrifying splendour of the temple, a great corner, a holy corner within the solid interior. The design of the doorway is a magic bond: a solar disc at whose top is a standard representing a rapacious eagle, violently seizing stags which turn to the left and right. Gods stand guard over the doorway.
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