ETCSLglossingSignSign name: LAGAB×KUL (ESIR2 and LAGAB×NUMUN)
Values: esir2

A prayer to Nanna for Rīm-Sîn (Rīm-Sîn G) (c., line c2697.50
Nanna (DN)kingheavenplacevoicethe Landunityto place
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Paragraph t2697.p4 (line(s) 39-51) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
May there be life for you, and may there be a favourable response to your prayers. May there be joy for you, and may there be favourable signs for you. May your heart be satisfied, may your body be satisfied; may your mood and your definite signs from the gods be good. May there be favourable omens in the heart of Nanna and Ningal, and a destiny of life be granted for ever. Rīm-Sîn, seemly king, who holds abundance in his hands from the great gods, may the country be stable for you, and may the foundations of the country be secure for you. May Nanna, king of heaven and earth, cause the Land to respond to you with a single voice. Rīm-Sîn, you are my king!
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