ETCSLglossingSignSign name: LAGAR׊E (SU7)
Values: sur12

Letter from Lugal-nesaĝe to a king radiant as the moon (c.3.3.02), line c3302.1.5
Lugal-nesaĝe (PN)Lugal-šu (PN)childNibru (SN)slaveto say
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Say this to the king who has made his radiance resplendent over all the lands like the moonlight. Repeat it to the king who renders just verdicts like Utu and regulates decisions like Ištaran, to my king who heeds prayers. This is what { Lugal-nesaĝe } { (3 mss. have instead:) Lugal-šu }, a citizen of Nibru and your servant, says:
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