ETCSLglossingSignSign name: MUNSUB (MUNŠUB)
Values: sumur3

Letter from Inim-Inana to Enlil-massu (c.3.3.11), line c3311.7
Ninimma (DN)deity
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They told me everything and I am pleased beyond exaggeration. May the precious protective power of a lifetime; Lugal-šu, Nabi-Enlil and Enlil-alsag, the scholars who precede you; and Ninimma, your own goddess, and Nisaba, the lady of broad wisdom, give wisdom to you. You did not know what was written on the tablet or that the city would be unforthcoming. Lu-gena is sending you two shekels of silver, one garment and two sashes. Accept them. But your mother should not touch the remaining assets. It is urgent.
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