ETCSLglossingSignSign name: AN
Values: am6, an, dig̃ir, il3, naggax

A šir-namšub to Inana (Inana G) (c.4.07.7), line c4077.8
e2-an-nae2en-lil2 (ES: mu-ul-lil2)ĝen (ES: di)
E-ana (TN)house(hold)Enlil (DN)to go
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When I go, when I go -- the mighty queen who ……, who ……; when I, the queen, go to the Abzu, when I, Inana, go to the Abzu, when I go to the Abzu, the E-nun, when I go to Eridug the good, when I go to E-engura, when I go to E-ana, the temple of Enlil, when I go to ……, when I go to where the great offering bowls stand in the open air, when I go to where the …… pure …… bowls, when I go to where …… is honoured, when I go to where Lord Enki is honoured, when I go to where Damgalnuna …… is honoured, when I go to where Asarluḫi …… is honoured -- then I bring a dog with me, I bring a lion (?) with me, I bring boxwood with me, I bring ḫalub wood with me. I, Inana, receive the little ……, when I travel there, when I travel there.
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