ETCSLglossingSignSign name: KUR
Values: gin3, kur

A kunĝar to Inana (Dumuzid-Inana T) (c.4.08.20), line c40820.B.29
(horse) groomAn (DN)herdsmanEnlil (DN)Dumuzid (DN)chestto direct
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The lord meets her for whom lapis lazuli was gathered from the heap. Dumuzid meets Inana for whom lapis lazuli was gathered from the heap. The shepherd of An, the servant of Enlil, the lord meets her. The servant of An, the herdsman of Enlil, Dumuzid meets her. The lord meets her at the lapis lazuli door which stands in the ĝipar shrine. Dumuzid meets her at the narrow door which stands in the storehouse of E-ana.
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