ETCSLglossingSignSignSignSign name: PA.ḪUB2.DU
Values: rig7

A balbale to Nanna (Nanna B) (c.4.13.02), line c41302.55
en (ES: u3-mu-un)nannade6(...)
lordNanna (DN)to carry(...)
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Paragraph t41302.p6 (line(s) 50-59) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
(Ningal addresses Nanna:) "……, my beloved, if only I could come to you without my mother to ……! If only I could come to you without Ningikuga (?) ……! (approx. 1 line missing)Lord Nanna, bring it to me! In the dwelling of the shepherd, in the house of gleaned barley, my lord, I shall come to you in the chamber, the storehouse (?)! ……, wonder of the Land, I shall come to you! My Nanna, your chant is sweet; it is the chant of my heart."
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