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Values: emeda

A hymn to Nanna (Nanna E) (c.4.13.05), line c41305.16
assemblyto be majesticdestinyEnlil (DN)headto bestow
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O Nanna, your crescent moon is called "the crescent moon of the seventh day (?)". Enlil has made known throughout heaven and earth your name, which is a sacred name. Princely son, he has made your greatness manifest throughout heaven and earth. The majestic assembly has bestowed on you his status as Enlil. And from the place of the sanctuary Eridug, Enki has determined for you your lordship and majesty. King of heaven and earth who adorns heaven and earth (?), from the majestic abzu, the place of the sanctuary Eridug, he has declared your great lordship and your greatness.
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