ETCSLglossingSignSignSign name: TEgunu.ABgunu (GUR8.UNUG)
Values: unu7

A šir-gida to Ninisina (Ninisina A) (c.4.22.1), line c4221.3
...Ninisina (DN)to be happyto be green
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Paragraph t4221.p1 (line(s) 1-14) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
…… who has taken her seat on an exalted dais, ……, imbued with awesomeness, an amazing sight, …… Ninisina, joyously fresh, ……, gathering up the divine powers, she announces the rites. …… Ninisina …… with intricate skill. ……, ministering with intricate skill, she gathers up the divine powers; Ninisina, ministering with intricate skill, she gathers up the divine powers. She takes in her hands the august divine powers. She attaches the incrustations to the great garment, while speaking favourable words. She tests the surgical lancet; Ninisina sharpens the scalpel. She has made perfect the divine powers of medicine, and hands them over to her son, the king of Ĝirsi, the kindly Damu:
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