ETCSLglossingSignSignSign name: LAL×LAL.SAR (LAL2.TIMES.SAR)
Values: ušur

Ninurta's journey to Eridug: a šir-gida to Ninurta (Ninurta B) (c.4.27.02), line c42702.B.14
young manjoyE-kur (TN)to fill
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Paragraph t42702.p6 (line(s) 10-17) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
As a king, Ninurta, the son of Enlil, wore a crown and ……; as a lord, he tied on the shining headgear and held abundance in his hands. He came forth radiantly, raised his head high in the abzu, in Eridug. A youth who is the glory of the E-kur ……, he is the …… of kingship; he is the prayer of heaven and earth. With An and Enki he sits joyfully in the courtyard ……. (unknown no. of lines missing)
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