ETCSLglossingSignSign name: AN.AŠ.AN
Values: tilla2

A šir-gida to Nuska (Nuska A) (c.4.29.1), line c4291.D.10
Nuska (DN)lordAn (DN)placeto measureto enter
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to him with broad wisdom, understanding everything, concentrating on the whole world. In the august sanctuary he has indeed given to Nuska the mattock, the plough that opens up the cultivated fields, the furrows, speckled barley, the grain pile and the granary heaped up to the maximum, ……, years of plenty, delight, ……, abundance and life until distant days. Mighty man, with heroic arms, hurrying to battle, covering the Land, throwing fire at the enemy, burning …… the wicked, trampling underfoot opponents from the mountains, the insubmissive lands! Bulls with fat forelegs, sheep with long fleece, and great food offerings, are brought before you, Nuska, lord beloved by An.
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