ETCSLglossingSignSignSign name: SAL.KUR (GEME2 and MUNUS.KUR)
Values: geme2

The Keš temple hymn (c.4.80.2), line c4802.E.72
heroAšgi (DN)to be outstandingmotherto give birth
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Paragraph t4802.p11 (line(s) 59-73) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
It is indeed a city, it is indeed a city! Who knows its interior? The house Keš is indeed a city! Who knows its interior? The heroes make their way straight into its interior and perform its oracle rites perfectly. Frisking cattle are gathered at the house in herds. The house consumes many cattle; the house consumes many sheep. (1 line unclear) Those who sit on daises bow their necks before it. It wears a crown to vie with the boxwood tree, it spreads out to vie with the poplar ……; it is { (1 ms. adds here:) growing } as green as the hills! Will anyone else bring forth something as great as Keš? Will any other mother ever give birth to someone as great as its hero Ašgi? Who has ever seen anyone as great as its lady Nintur?
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