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The Keš temple hymn (c.4.80.2), line c4802.I.107
type of priestbladeto hangE-ana (TN)
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Paragraph t4802.p19 (line(s) 104-115) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
The holy house whose …… is the shrine, the holy house Keš, whose …… is the shrine; the house whose lords are the Anuna gods, whose nueš priests are the sacrificers of E-ana! In the house the king places stone bowls in position; the good en priest …… holds the lead-rope dangling. The a-tu priest holds the staff; the …… brings the gathered (?) waters. The …… takes his seat in the holy place; the enkum priests bow down ……. The pašeš priests beat the drumskins; they recite powerfully, powerfully.
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