ETCSLglossingSignSignSignSignSign name: UD×U+U+U.AN.ŠEŠ.KI (ITI.AN.ŠEŠ.KI)
Values: iti7

A man and his god (c.5.2.4), line c524.A.129
Namtar (DN)fleshto be (located)to tear outto do
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Paragraph t524.p14 (line(s) 120-129) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
The man's god heard his bitter weeping. After his lamentation and prolonged wailing had soothed the heart of his god towards the young man, his god accepted the righteous words, the holy words he had spoken. The words of supplication which the young man had mastered, the holy prayers, delighted his god like fine oil. His god stretched his hand away from the hostile words. He …… the anguish which had embraced him though he was not its wife and had ……, and scattered to the winds the grief which had spread its arms round him. He let the lamentation which had swept over him as if it were a southerly wind-storm (?) be dissipated. He eradicated the fate demon which had been lodged in his body.
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